Anal atresia - a group of anorectal malformations, where there is no natural channel of the rectum and / or anus. It is believed that the development of this anomaly is due to genetic mutations. Distinguish high and low atresias. Height of an atresia is the relation of a gut to muscles which lift back pass. Low atresias Ц options at which the end of a gut settles down at a depth up to 2 cm from skin in anal area, averages and high atresias assume localization of the end of a gut at a bigger depth. At high atresias the crotch has the smaller sizes, is underdeveloped, often there is no tailbone.

Types of atresias of an anus

  1. The anus and rectum atresia with fistula in bodies of uric system is the heaviest form of defect, meets mainly at boys at high forms of atresias. Mekony (the first excrements of the newborn) starts being allocated through an external opening of an urethra. Approximately in 94% of cases rektouretralny fistula (the pathological course which has resulted inflammatory process) is observed. If fistula opens in a bladder, mekoniya mixes up with urine, painting it in green color.
  2. Fistula in sexual system Ц arises generally at girls. As a rule, it opens in anticipation of a vagina in the field of back soldering, in certain cases Ц in the vagina. Mekony, and then callas and gases start being allocated through a sexual crack, the anus is absent. At vaginal fistula its opening in most cases is above virgin hymen and creates conditions for early emergence of a blockage by kalovy masses, for chronic intoxication with deterioration of a state of health.
  3. Crotch fistula Ц diagnose for boys more often. The opening of fistula opens near back pass, in forward part of an external sphincter, probably, in a penis. Full intestinal impassability is observed partial, or.
  4. Ektopiya of a zadneprokhodny opening Ц the condition at which having all signs normal the anus is in an unusual place, is very close to bodies of sexual system. There is a promezhnostny and vestibular ektopiya. At a promezhnostny type of an ektopiya the zadneprokhodny opening opens at boys close to a scrotum root, at girls closely to back soldering of a crotch. At a vestibular ektopiya recommend carrying out operation, in particular Stone's operation because the sexual intercourse can take place in the future through an ektopirovanny opening near a vagina, and also such proximity of a vagina to an anus will promote infection of sexual ways.
  5. Congenital narrowings of an anus and rectum Ц arise, as a rule, in places of transition of entodermalny part of a gut in the ektodermalny. In certain cases it is a thin membrane (film), in others Ц a fibrous ring. Extent stricture (narrowings) Ц from several millimeters to 4 centimeters. In the first months such narrowings can not be shown because liquid the kcal passes. From the beginning of a feeding up there is a lock and some other symptoms.

Diagnostics of an atresia of an anus in Israel

   For establishment of the diagnosis of a certain type of an atresia of an anus in Israel the following types of diagnostics can be carried out:

  1. Fizikalnoye research Ц survey of the surgeon.
  2. Laboratory diagnostics: blood analyses.
  3. In certain cases carry out ultrasonography.
  4. X-ray research with contrast substance, if only the diagnosis not an atresia with fistula in uric system (can cause formation of stones).
  5. Magnetic and resonant tomography under anesthetic.

Treatment of an atresia of an anus in Israel

  Treatment of atresias of an anus and rectum in Israel carry out by means of surgeries. It is conditionally possible to allocate 4 stages of treatment:

  1. Originally form to the kolosty - artificial back pass which is imposed by a surgical way on a certain site of a thick gut for the purpose of removal of excrements. Kolostoma bring after the delivery.
  2. Then laparoscopic operation at a high atresia through small cuts in an abdominal cavity is performed. Such type of surgery is necessary not to put damages to basin muscles which will supervise allocations at more adult age. At a low type of an atresia the section is carried out from below. After operation 1 day the child is in resuscitation unit. The general period of hospitalization makes 3 - 5 days.
  3. Three months later after reconstruction of an anus the additional operation, closing kolosty is appointed.
  4. The last stage Ц not surgical. In two weeks after closing colostomy it is necessary to carry out buzhirovaniye procedure. This technique is directed on expansion of the narrowed cavities, prevents cicatricial narrowing of an anus. Procedure is carried out with the help bougie passed or "buzh-sticks" every day approximately for three months.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" will assist in a choice of the expert in treatment of different types of an atresia of an anus in Israel, in selection of suitable clinic. Besides, specialists of the center besides the organization of medical process will help with the solution of all household questions during stay in Israel. We will render any assistance, we will provide the fast and qualitative organization of treatment. All questions on diagnostics, treatment, you can set costs of services to our experts, having used an inquiry form, e-mail, or having called by phones specified on a site.

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