Pulmonology in Israel studying respiratory diseases, which include the bronchi, trachea, lungs, pleura, and their diagnosis and treatment. Respiratory pathologies more common among two age groups: children and the elderly. Viral infections, deteriorating environmental conditions and smoking contribute to the development of these diseases to chronic nature of the flow.

   In Israel there are specialized clinics and offices which carry out treatment and diagnostics of pathologies of respiratory organs.

  The pulmonology in Israel for statement of the diagnosis assumes carrying out the following diagnostic inspections:

Х Radiological diagnostic methods;

Х Diffusion Ц is measured diffusion ability of lungs, mainly at suspicions on emphysema and fibrosis a pulmonary parenchyma;

Х Spirometriya Ц volume and high-speed indicators of external breath are studied generally at diagnostics of HOBL, bronchial asthma;

Х Scanning of lungs Ц defines pulmonary ventilation and a condition of a blood-groove;

Х Bronkhoskopiya Ц is used for the diagnostic and medical purposes. Invasive inspection of a trachea and bronchial tubes by means of the endoscope under the influence of local/easy general anesthesia. In hospitals of Israel the bronkhoskopiya is carried out with the help Bronchoscope which structure includes a video camera and the manipulator for a biopsy or for elimination of alien object. The diagnostic bronkhoskopiya is made if there are suspicions on tumoral process. Medical bronkhoskopiya - at bronchiectasis, lung abscess, for removal of a foreign matter, etc.

Х The biopsy Ц is carried out when carrying out a bronkhoskopiya for histologic check. Take a sample mucous for further studying. Procedure takes place without serious consequences under anesthetic.

Х The pleural puncture Ц is carried out for the purpose of diagnostics and treatment by a puncture of a chest wall, a parietal pleura and receiving a material for cytologic, bacteriological, physical and chemical inspection.

Х KT Ц appoint for the purpose of early diagnostics and control of treatment of diseases of lungs, measurement of volume of breath, the analysis of density of lungs, etc.

Х The positron and issue tomography Ц is especially effective for identification of malignant pathologies at the initial stages of development, and also for the purpose of control over treatment process.

  The pulmonology in Israel carries out treatment of the following types of diseases of respiratory system: gangrenes of a lung, chronic obstructive diseases of lungs, tuberculosis of lungs, developmental anomalies of lungs, tracheas, bronchial tubes, trakheobronkhomegaliya, bronkhoektatichesky illness, bronchial asthma of different severity, dyskinesia, cancer of an easy, bronkhoobstruktivny syndrome, embolism of a pulmonary artery, bronchitis, sharp abscesses of a lung, congenital deformations of a thorax, pneumosclerosis, pulmonary heart, abscess of slight, congenital solitary cysts of a lung, pheumothorax, pneumonia, tumors of a trachea, intra pulmonary sekvestration, cystous hypoplasia, emphysema of easy, pulmonary displaziya, purulent diseases of lungs, respiratory insufficiency, good-quality new growths, empyema pleurae, pleurisy.

  Treatment in Israel of bronchial asthma of different severity Ц atopic, infectious - dependent is effectively carried out. Asthma treatment in Israel carries a complex orientation, it can be the medicines cleaning spasms and promoting expansion of bronchial tubes. Also apply treatment by steroids by means of inhalations. In addition, can appoint treatment by medicines which facilitate attacks, for long time relieving of all manifestations of a disease.

The pulmonology in Israel applies the latest technologies in therapy and diagnostics, reaching excellent results at treatment of bodies of respiratory system.

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