Scleroderma - a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by excessive deposition of collagen in the skin and thickening. Scleroderma is a chronic disease with possible fatal, as it causes damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys or intestines. Scleroderma is the following types:

  • Focal (limited scleroderma);
  • Linear (polosovidny, lentovidny scleroderma);
  • Diffusion system scleroderma (the most widespread form);
  • The Progressing scleroderma.

  The reasons of emergence and scleroderma development up to the end aren't found out yet, but it is known that development of a disease is provoked by the following factors:

  • Sharp or chronic infections (diseases of okolonosovy bosoms, almonds, etc.);
  • Long overcooling of an organism;
  • Stressful situations;
  • Traumatized (especially brain);
  • Organism Intoxication;
  • Radiation exposure;
  • Allergic reactions.

  Focal scleroderma. This type of a scleroderma can arise at people of any age. The illness often begins imperceptibly, sklerodermichesky plaques are often shown unexpectedly and the disease passes to the chronic. The disease can last from several months to twenty years, and maybe more long. Infectious diseases such as flu, quinsy and so forth provoke an aggravation. In case of a focal scleroderma there can come recovery, but the illness overflowing in a diffusion form is possible. Sklerodermichesky plaques at first represent the centers of pink color which have the wrong form and are accurately delimited from normal skin. In process of development they get cardboard or hryashchevy density, become nacreous or wax color. Quite often the center is surrounded with a violet or bluish aura or pigmentation of brown color. The size of a plaque can reach 30 cm in the diameter. The plaque exists long time, but can resolve and reserve slightly pigmented or decoloured spot because of a skin atrophy. Most often plaques are on a stomach, a breast, a back and a lateral surface of a trunk.

  Linear scleroderma. This type of a disease is characterized by polosovidny defeat of an integument. Deeply lying fabrics (muscles, hypodermic cellulose) are as though accustomed to drinking by rather dense hem. It is as a result formed one or several uneven and polosovidny educations, the yellowish or brown-brown color, having some centimeters by width. Such defeats often settle down on head skin, a forehead, the top and bottom extremities.

  Diffusion scleroderma. This type of a scleroderma the women, which age from 30 to 40 years more often suffer. The disease extends from the face to a neck, then on a trunk, an extremity. Development happens gradually, in the beginning there come attacks of pain in joints, sensitivity of skin decreases, temperature sometimes increases. Patients complain of a small appetite, strong fatigue, the general weakness, attacks of strong palpitation, strong sensitivity of extremities to cold that can lead to development of a syndrome of Reynaud is sometimes observed. Then there are face edemas, brushes, feet which at first have a pasty appearance, and in some weeks are condensed on diffusion universally or akrosklerotichesky type. Consolidations skin extend in such a way that involve functional violations, and movements of the patient become held down and slow. Consolidations of skin limit movements of fingers, with progressing of a disease there are suppurations which lead to formation of ulcers which are very painful and long don't heal. The person remind the stiffened mask, the mimicry is absent, bad mobility of a thorax and skin of a neck complicates chewing, speech and breath. Patients sharply grow thin, skin gains dirty-brown, bronze or brown color, there are teleangiektaziya. Because of defeat of connecting fabric the liver, heart, lungs, the digestive device, nervous and endocrine system are involved in disease process and eventually the patient reminds a mummy.

  Progressing scleroderma. This look develops at first on fingers of hands, external extremities. In extremities there are prickings that can occur within several years. Then fingers become thinner, are hardly bent, skin becomes gray or brown color. Further process passes to a neck, forearms etc. Process distribution on all surface of skin is possible.

  Development of a scleroderma is directly connected with change of function and collagen fibers on skin, and also in all internal. Scleroderma — this polypathogenetic, multifactorial and polietiologichesky disease. Diagnosing of a scleroderma happens at physical survey and sbry the anamnesis. Various laboratory analyses, such as the biopsy, a X-ray, tests of pulmonary functionality carry out to define an internal is how struck.

  Unfortunately, medicine for a scleroderma doesn't exist. To simplification of symptoms apply a number of medical preparations, in case of defeat of an internal use specific treatment. In Israel the dermatology achieved big successes in area of treatment of a serious illness, this vitiligo, both psoriasis and eczema, and a scleroderma.

  The basis of treatment of any skin disease — is the integrated approach combining treatment of skin with treatment of internal problems of an organism. In Israel laser therapies and photodynamic treatment of diseases which have aim effect on the disease center are widely used, without touching thus healthy fabrics.

  The integrated approach to treatment is an application of hyposensibilizing, immunomodulating preparations, microcells and vitamin. In Israel over a solution rheumatologists with the assistance of nutritionists and cosmetologists work.

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