Surgery in Israel claimed in patients around the world, inspires confidence high percentage of successful operations. Examination and treatment in Israel complies with international standards, using the latest techniques, technology, medical equipment and medicines. Operations in Israel are conducted by highly qualified surgeons, many of whom have international recognition.†

Laparoscopic operation in Israel

  The special attention is deserved by laparoscopic operation which underlies many surgical interventions which are carried out in clinics and the medical centers of Israel. It is carried out with the diagnostic and medical purpose with the help laparoscope. It is a telescopic tube which contains system of lenses and it is connected to a video camera transferring the image to the monitor. It allows the surgeon to supervise carried-out actions precisely.

This technique assumes performance of small cuts (about 1-2 cm) through which surgeons enter laparoscope and the auxiliary equipment (manipulators).

Laparoscopic diagnostics represents one of the most exact ways of statement of the diagnosis, giving the chance to the doctor to examine visually body, without opening a cavity, and also to take a biopsy for the histologic analysis.

Range of application of laparoscopic operation in Israel Ц from removal of a cyst to a resection of bodies of various systems. The main advantage Ц drawing considerable smaller traumas to fabrics and bodies. Thus, restoration of an organism happens quicker, the period of stay in clinic is reduced. Besides, the risk of development of complications after a laparoscopy is minimum, traces from its carrying out are actually imperceptible.

The General surgery in Israel

  The general surgery is a complex of modern diagnostic actions, and also the subsequent surgical treatment of pathologies of bodies of a digestive tract, endocrine glands and soft fabrics. This type of surgery is subdivided on abdominal, directed on treatment of abdominal organs, and thoracic Ц surgery of bodies of a thorax. Many operations are performed by laparoscopic methods:

  • removal of a gall bladder;
  • rectum reconstruction at a congenital atresia of an anus;
  • obesity treatment (laparoscopic gastroshuntirovaniye, stomach bandaging), etc.

Oncological surgery in Israel

  In case of cancer emergence surgical intervention is a main type of treatment, and in certain cases Ц unique. Therefore the great value has quality of performed operation.

Oncological operation in Israel carefully prepares. The preventive chemotherapy or preliminary radiation is, as a rule, applied to impact on the sizes of a tumor, reducing miotichesky activity of a new growth (active division of cancer cells) and reducing surgery area.

In the course of operation the oncologist has to remove malignant education as much as possible. For this purpose together with a tumor delete also adjacent zones. Only highly skilled cancer surgery it is capable to define with the maximum share of probability amount of healthy fabric which needs to be removed, with the purpose to reduce risk of development of recurrence.

Surgeons of Israel have a wide experience in carrying out operations of various level of complexity of this sort, besides, operational in clinics are equipped with the most modern medical equipment.

Orthopedic surgery in Israel

  Experts in the field of orthopedics give the chance to people again to start conducting an active and full-fledged way of life. Orthopedic operations in Israel:

  • endoprotezirovaniye (joint replacement) coxofemoral, knee joints;
  • arthroscopy (minimum invasive surgery for treatment/diagnostics of damages of internal part of a joint) a shoulder, a meniscus, a wrist, talocrural, knee, coxofemoral joints;
  • removal of tumors of a backbone, brush;
  • surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias, scoliosis and others.

The ENT specialist Ц surgery in Israel

Treatment the ENT SPECIALIST of diseases in Israel reached very high level on the international standards. Surgeons of Israel carry out a wide range of surgeries:

  • Cochlear implantation (device implantation, partially or completely restoring hearing);
  • Septoplastika (correction of a nasal partition);
  • Removal of a tumor of an oral cavity, top jaw, salivary gland, thyroid gland, throat, etc.

The snore problem is very actual. At snore treatment in Israel apply modern techniques: treatment by the laser, Pillar implantation.

Neurosurgery in Israel

  Neurosurgery Ц one of the most expensive and high-tech industries of medicine. Many neurosurgical operations in Israel are carried out by an endoscopic method at the heart of which laparoscopic approach to treatment lies. Neurosurgical offices successfully treat:

  • tumors of a head and spinal cord, peripheral nerves;
  • violations of brain blood circulation;
  • backbone osteochondrosis;
  • vascular anomalies of a brain, etc.

Vascular surgery in Israel

The vascular surgery is a low-invasive endovascular surgery which replaces and expands traditional operations at diseases of blood and lymphatic vessels, preventing such complications, as strokes, amputations. Operations in Israel in the field of vascular surgery:

  • at varicosity treatment: stripping, flebektomiya, miniflebektomiya, treatment by the laser;
  • Kat-port implantation (the system simplifying process of passing of chemotherapy);
  • shunting of arteries of the bottom extremities and others.

The Heart surgery in Israel

Heart surgery Ц one of the strongest areas of medicine of Israel. The main surgical techniques at heart treatment in the Israeli clinics Ц low-invasive surgeries. In this branch the roboequipment that allows to exclude an element of a random error is actively applied. To the most effective methods of treatment of heart in Israel carry:

  • stenting;
  • aortokoronarny shunting;
  • plasticity of valves of heart, and also their prosthetics.

Gynecologic surgery in Israel

  Good results of treatment of gynecologists of Israel are connected, including, with application of endoscopic methods of treatment Ц carrying out laparoscopic organ-preserving operations. By means of this technique treat such diseases, as:

  • endometriosis
  • polyps
  • uterus myoma
  • cyst of yaichnik
  • tumors and uterus developmental anomalies
  • urine incontience
  • uterine bleedings.

Besides, microsurgeries (restoration of uterine pipes) are performed, alternative methods of treatment Ц laser therapy with gamma knife application are used. Types of gynecologic operations in Israel:

  • surgical cancer therapy of a mammary gland;
  • recovery surgery of mammary glands;
  • expeditious treatment of carcinomas of a uterus, yaichnik, external genitals, etc.

Urological surgery in Israel

   The urological surgery of medicine of Israel is considered one of the most advanced in the world. The most widespread operations in the field of urology in the Israeli clinics are:

  • removal of a prostate
  • removal of a kidney (nefrektomiya)
  • bladder restoration
  • penis prosthetics.

Ophthalmologic surgery in Israel

The ophthalmology in Israel carries out surgical/laser treatment, eye microsurgery. In the Israeli clinics effective expeditious treatment of a cataract, squint, ptosis, chalazion, surgery of a retina of an eye, etc.

is carried out

Plastic surgery in Israel

The plastic surgery is directed on correction of the acquired and congenital defects of appearance, and also on creation of more attractive appearance of the person. Clinics of plastic surgery in Israel carry out all types of plastic surgeries:

  • plasticity of a stomach;
  • removal of excess fatty deposits, correction of contours of a body;
  • operation on increase in a breast;
  • plasticity of a nose;
  • face lifting;
  • plasticity of eyelids;
  • skin transplantation and others.

  The latest technologies, high qualification of plastic surgeons in Israel, the modern equipment give the chance to improve the appearance, to become younger in one week.

The modern medicine of Israel is represented by unique technologies, highly skilled medical staff and high level of service. Clinics of Israel adhere to loyal price policy during the work with foreign patients who are accepted on treatment

To learn operation cost in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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