Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH - a disease that is characterized by an enlarged prostate due to expansion of its tissue. BPH - is one of the most common diseases in men, especially those aged 50 years and older. BPH is a benign neoplasm, and in contrast to prostate cancer invades adjacent organs or metastasize.

  At adenoma of a prostate normal work of urinary ways that can lead to development of inguinal hernia, hemorrhoids, an urine incontience is broken. At continuous incomplete depletion of a bladder there can come the ascending infection injuring kidneys and resulting in kidney insufficiency. Also sexual function is broken. The tumor deprives the man of possibility of a message full-fledged life. Besides, always there is a risk of regeneration of a tumor in the malignant.

  The reasons of emergence of adenoma aren't up to the end studied, but its emergence connect with hormonal changes which happen with age in a man's organism.

  To prevent development of adenoma of a prostate, it is necessary to conduct a mobile way of life. Recently the disease meets even at 30-year age though it is considered that is destiny elderly and old men. Such early development of adenoma can come if the man conducts a low-active way of life, abuses alcohol, and also at frequent vibration, for example at stay at a car wheel.

  Diagnostics of a condition of a prostate gland includes:

  • survey of the expert;
  • ultrasonic research;
  • the blood analysis on a special marker;
  • urofloumetriya;
  • in disputable cases carry out a biopsy.

   Adenoma treatment in Israel carry out with application of medicamentous therapy, surgical intervention and treatment of adenoma of a prostate by the PVP method.

  At an early stage adenoma of a prostate gland is successfully treated in Israel by medicines. After diagnostics the expert appoints individually picked up preparations which can be divided into two groups conditionally: preparations for a relaxation of muscular fibers of a prostate gland and preparations for reduction of volume of a prostate gland.

  If medicamentous treatment doesn't give the necessary effect, surgical intervention can be demanded. If a case very heavy, perform open operation if isn't present, perform operation without a cut by means of the endoscopic device. Such operation lasts no more than an hour and is carried out under a sparing anesthesia.

  Treatment of adenoma of a prostate in Israel carry out the PVP method - fotoselkektivny evaporation of a prostate. It is a new low-invasive method of treatment of adenoma is remarkable alternative to surgical treatment. For PVP use the special laser machine "Green Laser" (Green Laser).

  "The green laser" is a beam of light of a narrow orientation and possessing huge energy. The laser green because the wave lying in green part of a visible range and 532 nanometers long is used. Light of this length of a wave is most well absorbed not only blood vessels, but also parenchymatous fabric. And it is that fabric of which the tumor consists. Absorbing energy of a light beam this fabric gets such temperature that "is simply evaporated", and without bleeding. Therefore the method also is called as PVP - photoselective vaporization of a prostate.

  "The green laser" proved the high efficiency and a number of advantages in comparison with other methods. It doesn't injure deeply lying fabrics, is a bloodless method and completely deletes a tumor that leads to lasting effect. Besides, the PVP method doesn't cause such frequent complication as impotence.

   To learn the cost of treatment of adenoma in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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