The medicine of Israel by right is recognized as the best in the world as Ministry of Health in this country allocates many financial funds for successful functioning of clinics of Israel, and also for carrying out clinical researches. Thanks to this scientific work of physicians, hospitals in Israel offer such methods of treatment of various diseases, analogs which isn't present anywhere in the world. What to arrive to clinics of Israel on treatment now rather simply Ц medical tourism in this country is also remarkable also treats priority branches of health system. At the majority of the medical centers the so-called international departments which employees help patients from other countries for the purpose of treatment here function and improvement to visit Israel. The clinics recognized best in world, accept in recent years many patients from the former Soviet Union countries Ц Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and others.

   Indisputable advantage of treatment in hospitals of Israel is also its moderate cost Ц here it 10 times less than in the USA and the countries of Europe. For this reason in the medical centers of this country people not only from CIS countries, but also from the countries of North and South America, and also Western Europe are treated. In Israel the smallest percent of medical errors, unsuccessful operations, and life expectancy here Ц one of the highest in the world is noted. Clinics of Israel work in the most different directions of medicine Ц cardiology, plastic surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery and many others. Separately It should be noted oncology Ц in oncological clinics of Israel the huge number of researches as a result of which the new preparations, allowing to destroy cancer cells in a human body are created is carried out.

Leading clinics of Israel:

   - Rabin's Medical center which is recognized as one of succeeding in the sphere of treatment of oncological diseases, and also children's hospital functioning at it Schneider. Besides, in Rabin's medical center more than 70% of all operations on a liver transplantation and kidneys are annually performed.

   - Clinic Asaph-ha-Rofe - one more clinic of Israel which is widely known around the world. It settles down in the center of the country, in only 30 minutes of a driving from Jerusalem, and no more, than in 15 km from the airport Ben Gurion being in vicinities of Tel Aviv. In this hospital the best experts of the country in the field of gynecology (in particular artificial insemination (Eko in Israel) and infertility treatments), orthopedics and plastic surgery work. Besides, that this clinic is included into the list of the best clinics of Israel, Asaph-ha-Rofe is university hospital Ц many of experts working in this clinic are engaged in research activity and keep the international research projects.

   - Hospital Ikhilov Ц one more medical institution relating to the best clinics of Israel. Is in Tel Aviv. It sometimes call the whole medical city. Here about 4000 experts, from which more than one hundred professors and 15 academicians work. In clinic Ikhilov works 20 laboratories the equipment in which allows to conduct the most exact researches and diagnostics of the most different diseases. Devices, tools and technologies here Ц most modern of what are offered today by Israel. Clinics of such level as Ikhilov provide treatment in top-level Israel.

   - Clinic Assuta - in Israel and the world leading hospital in the field of surgery of various diseases and pathologies.

  Individual approach to each patient and complex therapy in treatment of various diseases are basic principles by which doctors in hospitals of Israel are guided. World famous clinics and the specialized centers are in each region of this small country where the government defines medicine and health care of one of the main fields of activity and development.

  All necessary general information on how to go on treatment to leading clinics of Israel you can learn in the international departments of these hospitals Ц and it is possible to make it by means of the Internet or phone. Specialists of the international department will consult you on the general questions concerning treatment in clinics of Israel, and also will help with the solution of the organizational moments connected with medical tourism.

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