For expired 20 years it is possible to note revolutionary changes in area of medical technologies. There was minimum invasive surgery Ц new the operational approach considerably reducing traumas, duration of the period of treatment and rehabilitation. The following step - the robotized systems, the invention and their introduction in surgery area. The American company Intuitive Surgical developed da Vinci surgical system, which:

  1. I simplified many developed operations.
  2. I turned difficult miniinvasive operations into the routine.
  3. I created new minimum invasive procedures.

   Da Vinci Robot is the operating system intended for the robot - the assisted laparoscopy. It has several manipulators which are similar to hands of the surgeon and repeat their movements. The surgeon takes a place behind the control panel. It can look through an operational field by means of the three-dimensional video channel and operate surgical tools in robot "hands manipulators" by means of joysticks.

  Da Vinci system consists of 3 main segments: control panels, operational panel and optical system.

Control panel of the robot of da Vinci

  The control panel of the robot of da Vinci is a place of work of the surgeon who operates in a body of the patient movements of operational tools by means of two joysticks. Foot pedals on the panel are intended for coagulation of tools, switching between manipulators and focusings of the camera which transfers the image of an operational field to the surgeon in 3-D format.

Operational console of the robot of da Vinci

  As the operational panel is in direct and direct contact with the patient, her covering is sterile. Da Vinci three "hands manipulators" - tool, copy two of them and reproduce movements of the surgeon, the third carries out assisting function and on the last manipulator the camera settles down. Operation is carried out through the small cuts which size doesn't exceed 1-2 cm. Assistants to the surgeon enter tools into a cavity of a body of the patient, and also necessarily make replacement.

Optical system of the robot of da Vinci

   The optical device processes the image from the camera. The volume picture of an operational field (3D format), having high resolution - bright, sharp and accurate is created. There is no blinking or attenuation.

Advantages of system of the robot of da Vinci:

1 . The improved accuracy, controllability, big amplitude and dexterity of manipulations:

  • Movements of hands of the surgeon are broadcast in micro movements of tools in a body of the patient.
  • "Hands manipulators" of the robot of da Vinci with tools possess 7 degrees of freedom (much more, than a human brush) and can be bent on 90 degrees.
  • There is no tremor, and also movements of hands of the surgeon are scaled.

2 . Excellent ergonomics of system of the robot of da Vinci.

  This system gives opportunity of comfortable work to the surgeon and respectively promotes his smaller fatigue. As the robot by means of manipulators holds the camera and tools suspended, it reduces a trauma of the patient, besides fatigue of the doctor, besides, need for an assistention disappears.

3 . Big extent of visualization Ц possibility of creation of the three-dimensional image of high resolution.

Important advantages of use of system of the robot of da Vinci in Israel for the patient:

  1. The minimum injuring action: operations are performed through small cuts, and tools are balanced weight.
  2. Decrease in blood loss and lack of need for blood transfusion (hemotransfusion).
  3. Reduction of the period of hospitalization (stay in a hospital) and restoration time. The patient comes back to a usual rhythm of life much earlier.
  4. The probability of complications in process and after operation considerably decreases (damage of nearby fabrics and bodies; hemotransfusion).
  5. Excellent cosmetic effect Ц the minimum scars.

the Surgeries performed by means of the robot of da Vinci in Israel

Heart surgery:

  • Reconstruction of the mitralny valve.
  • Fundoplikation on Nissen.
  • Ablyation of tissues of heart (deletes the tissues of heart provoking in beat anomalies).
  • Revaskulyarization of a myocardium (restores vascular blood supply of heart).
  • Installation of an epikardialny electronic stimulator of heart for a biventrikulyarny resinkhronization.

Surgery of a gastrointestinal path:

  • Pancreas and liver operations.
  • Gastric shunting.


  • Radical prostatektomiya (removal of a prostate gland).


  • Miomektomiya (removal of miomatozny knots from a uterus body).
  • Hysterectomy (removal of a uterus).
  • Sakrokolpopeksiya.

And also

  • Resection of a tumor of a sredosteniye.
  • Lobektomiya of a lung (deletes a lung share).
  • Timektomiya (removal of vilochkovy gland).
  • Ezofagoektomiya.
  • Radical tsistektomiya (removal of a bladder).
  • Radical nefrektomiya (removal of a segment of a kidney or completely all body) and kidney resection.
  • Piyeloplastika (removal of narrowing in the field of transition of a kidney lokhanka in a mochetochnik).
  • Reimplantation of a mochetochnik.

  The known surgeons who are successfully working with surgical system of the robot of da Vinci in Israel:

  1. Surgeon Evgeny Solomonov heading office of surgery of a liver, bilious channels and pancreas in Rabin's Beylinson's hospital of the center.
  2. Professor Jack Baniyel, Rabin's director of urological department of hospital Beylinson of the center of a name.
  3. Doctor Ofer Osipovich managing office of oncological urology in hospital of Beylinson of MTs of Rabin.

  For obtaining additional interesting information on carrying out surgeries by means of system of the robot of da Vinci in Israel contact through a form of request for treatment specialists of the Iz*Med center.

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