The Robotized resection of a kidney in Israel assumes laparoscopic operation with the help of system of da Vinci. Main objective - removal of a cancer of a kidney with a quantity of healthy fabric surrounding a tumor. This segment of fabric carries the name surgical edge and points to existence of the tumoral cages which have remained in an organism.

  The kidney and cellular carcinoma in structure of oncological diseases makes 2-3% from all malignant tumors among adult population. Average age of sick patients Ц 65 years.

  The kidney resection by means of da Vinci robot is an innovative and most effective surgical technology of treatment in Israel from available today (it is applied open and laparoscopic operations).

Indications to the robot - the assisted resection of a kidney:

  • malignant new growth to 7 cm;
  • existence of the only kidney;
  • process of chronic kidney insufficiency;
  • system pathologies (nephrosclerosis, diabetes, an urolithic illness) which can lead further to deterioration of work of kidneys.

Advantages of operation with the help of the robot of da Vinci before traditional laparoscopic operation:

  • smaller physical tension and fatigue of the surgeon;
  • the improved process of visualization in a three-dimensional format;
  • simplification of technical performance of operation (creation anastomosis / reconstruction).
  • possibility of removal of remote malignant tumors.

Equipment of the robotized resection of a kidney

During surgery can be used transperitoneal and retroperitoneal approaches.

  This type of operation on the kidneys in Israel through multiple punctures - three - four open holes ranging in size from 0.5 to 1 cm abdominal cavity is filled with a special gas through punctures introduced a miniature video camera and operating instruments. The surgeon selects a kidney, sets the location of the tumor by ultrasound, the image is formed on the optical system console da Vinci. Superimposed on the renal artery clamp (Satinsky, such as "Bulldog") to stop the blood supply to the organ. And perform excision onkoobrazovaniya - removal with some healthy tissue. After that the reconstruction of the kidney:

  • restored its collecting system (pipeline, transporting urine);
  • stop bleeding (it is important that during the operation on the kidneys in Israel used a microwave instrument designed to cut tissue, which prevents blood loss weighty);
  • sutured incision kidney.

Onkoobrazovanie removed through one of the laparoscopic puncture.

Possible complications:

  • bleeding;
  • positive surgical margins (the remaining cancer cells);
  • urinary leakage due to damage to the collecting system;
  • warm ischemia, which is used to reduce: selective clamping, before their withdrawal, and non-use, modern styptics, using probes.

Advantages the robot - the assisted resection of a kidney in Israel:

  • Expanded handling possibilities of system of da Vinci, including under different corners.
  • Time of an ushivaniye of a bed of a remote new growth decreases thanks to mobility of interactive manipulators of the robot and the best process of visualization. The robotized operating system accelerates surgical process, reducing operation time.
  • Smaller injury the robot - the assisted resection.
  • Minimum level of blood losses.
  • The short period of stay in medical institution after operation and reduction of the period of restoration.

  The robotized resection of a kidney successfully is applied among the patients suffering from a problem of obesity. In this group the big duration of operation and bigger volume of blood loss is noted.

  Carrying out this type of a resection of a kidney requires special preparation of the surgeon and the corresponding experience. Successfully work with da Vinci surgical system in Israel in the center of a name of Rabin:

  1. The director of urological department of hospital Beylinson - professor Jack Baniel.
  2. The manager of office of oncological urology of Beylinson Ц doctor Ofer Osipovich.

  For obtaining the additional data concerning carrying out the robot - the assisted resection of a kidney in Israel, contact the consulting physician of the coordination center "Iz*Med".

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