Radical prostatectomy - is the most effective way to treat prostate cancer in the early stages of localized tumors without secondary centers.

  There are some methods of carrying out this type of operation: band, laparoscopic and da Vinci prostatektomiya - the most productive way of surgical intervention which is carried out by means of the laparoscopic robot, development of the American company "Intuitive Surgical".

the Technique of a prostatektomiya of da Vinci in Israel

  Prostatektomy da Vinci is carried out by the tools which size makes some millimeters through five small punctures (less than 1 cm) in the bottom area of an abdominal cavity. Through them the assistant to the surgeon enters operational tools in "hands manipulators" of the robot and a tube with a video camera. The optical system of system of da Vinci creates the image in a 3D format with increase at 15-20 time that provides the big accuracy of movements of the surgeon and reduces probability of complications after operation. Also manipulators of the robot have opportunity to move at an angle in 90° degrees and 7 degrees of freedom, scrupulously and absolutely precisely recreating movements of hands of the doctor. In the course of operation the prostate, fabrics surrounding it, seed bubbles and pelvic lymph nodes is removed. Duration of surgical intervention at treatment in Israel varies from 2 to 4 hours.

  For the next several days the patient passes rehabilitation after da Vinci prostatektomiya. The course of physiotherapeutic procedures is appointed. As a rule, patients can already go by the evening after operation. For 4 – 7 day delete an urethral catheter. During one - two weeks the patient comes back to usual work. For four weeks heavy physical activities aren't recommended.

Advantages of a prostatektomiya of da Vinci in Israel

1 . Bigger control over a malignant tumor. Thanks to high quality of the image, bigger amplitude and dexterity of manipulations of the robot, the surgeon very accurately and precisely sees the tissues of a prostate gland struck with tumoral process and respectively can them is more better remove.

2 . Preservation of delicate nervous textures round a prostate which answer functions of a bladder and erektilny function. Higher extent of preservation of a potentiality and complete recovery of function of deduction of urine is respectively noted. It is reached thanks to the accurate and exact image, preservation of bigger length of the urethral channel and the minimum blood loss.

2 . Considerably smaller morbidity after operation. Normal activity of the patient is restored in the first days after surgery.

3 . Minimum blood losses, lack of need for a hemotransfusion (blood transfusion). In the course of operation by means of da Vinci system an abdominal cavity inflate with gas, its pressure reduces bleedings. Thanks to images of high resolution there is an opportunity to stop bleedings at an initial stage, their area is looked through much better.

4 . Good cosmetic effect: scars of the small sizes after punctures (less 1sm), instead of postoperative seams at band operations.

5 . Shorter period of stay in clinic: from 3 to 5 days in connection with small cuts and smaller blood loss.

6 . The minimum stress for the patient.

  Successfully doctor Ofer Osipovich managing office of oncological urology of hospital of Beylinson (Rabin's center) performs operation da Vinci prostatektomiya in Israel.

Comparative table of results (data of the general character) carrying out prostatektomiya in several ways:


Polostny operation


Da Vinci system

Predicted level of loss of blood

1340 ml

370 ml

110 ml

Level of positive surgical edge (quantity of the malignant cages left in an organism)




The hospitalization period in days




Values of functions of the urethral channel

3 months later




6 months later




12 months later




Sexual functions

12 months later




  Nervosberegayushchaya, da Vinci sfinkterosberegayushchy prostatektomiya was widely adopted around the world as an effective and successful method of a cancer therapy of a prostate gland.

  To receive additional data on carrying out a prostatektomiya of da Vinci in Israel, contact the consulting physician of the coordination center "Iz*Med".

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