Thymectomy - an operation, during which the thymus is removed or the thymus, located in the upper part of the chest.

   The thymus gland controls the immune system. Her work is especially important in children, it is associated with the period of the rapid growth of the organism. Later, the function is somewhat reduced in adult thymus is almost completely replaced by fatty tissue.

Indications for surgery to remove the thymus gland

Timektomiya is applied at a myasthenia and thymoma.

   The myasthenia this autoimmune disease which influencing a neuromuscular transmission, results in chronic weakness and fatigue at various levels of cross-striped muscles.

Timoma can be both good-quality, and a malignant tumor of vilochkovy gland.

The main indications to a timektomiya:

  1. Timoma.
  2. Myasthenia - the progressing course of a disease.

  The additional indication for children is the generalized form of a myasthenia, absence or insufficiency of reaction to medicamentous treatment.

  Some approaches to operation on removal of vilochkovy gland are applied:

  1. The Transsternalny method assumes carrying out a band section over a breast through which vilochkovy gland is removed.
  2. Transtservikalny approach applies a small cut under the lower part of a neck.
  3. The robotized timektomiya is a laparoscopic removal thymic by means of da Vinci system.

Equipment of a timektomiya by means of da Vinci robot

  In the course of preoperative preparation the radiogramm and a computer tomography of a thorax is carried out. Timektomiya is carried out under the general anesthesia.

   The robotized operation of removal of vilochkovy gland is the least travmatichny and exact option of surgical treatment which is carried out through 4 small cuts. Through one of cuts (15 mm) the camera of the tiny sizes transferring the image to the operational console is entered. Three additional punctures in 5mm do by the size for surgical tools in interactive "hands - manipulators" to da Vinci.

  In the course of operation in a cavity a heap of a cage download carbon dioxide for creation of an operational field and obtaining its accurate image. During surgery selective artificial ventilation of lungs can be used.

  Operation on removal of vilochkovy gland assumes removal thymic with adjacent fatty tissue as in it gland fabrics can settle down. On the end of operation in a chest cavity place a drainage tube and delete in 24 hours.

  On the average duration of a timektomiya makes 130 min., possible range from 60 to 240 minutes. The hospitalization period - 2-7 days. In case results of neurologic inspection are satisfactory, the patient can write out 24 hours later after operation.

Comparative table of results:


% improvement

Transsternalny way


Transcervical method


Robot-assisted thymectomy


The advantages of robotic surgery to remove the thymus gland

The robotized approach connects advantages of a laparoscopic technique:

  • minimum quantity of complications (risk of infection);
  • smaller losses of blood;
  • the smallest injury;
  • moderate or slight postoperative pains;
  • fast improvement of work of lungs;
  • the reduced period of hospitalization and restoration.
  • optimum cosmetic result (hardly noticeable scars);

and the robotized equipment:

  • three-dimensional image of an operational field;
  • lack of a shiver and tremor, scaling and accuracy of movements;
  • big amplitude of manipulations and seven degrees of freedom of movements.

  To receive the additional information connected with carrying out the robotized timektomiya, contact the consulting physician of the Iz*Med center.

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