Students have always been "fresh breath" in science and engines of progress. Computer science student projects this year claim to be revolutionary, and have the potential to change the process of diagnosis and tests that will ultimately help save lives. The most outstanding student projects this year, it is safe to be called "SMD - Skin Modifications Diagnosis", which was presented in Israel's leading university, "Mihlala le-minal" on the "Day of Project 2011." The day was held under the auspices of the Department of Computer Science and at the event were shown a variety of topics - data security, robotics and artificial intelligence, the creation of new social platforms and online applications for mobile phones. Skin Modifications Diagnosis - system of diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the skin, which is intended for use in dermatology. The system is able to track changes in the skin more precisely and faster than the human eye, and thus helps the doctor to detect subtle changes that can diagnose cancer, skin disease in its earliest stages, and this in turn greatly increases the chances of recovery.

   The Dermatologist, by means of the camera which is connected to system, will be able to do pictures of parts of a body which are subject to influence of sunshine, both automatically precisely and quickly to define skin diseases. In addition, the system will be able to trace dangerous changes of skin, comparing the received photos to the images made earlier.

   Work of this system is based on "computer sight", accepting images of concrete area of a body and which compares the image from the present and the past, and also carries out diagnostics of changes of skin, such as birthmarks and pigmentation.

   Changes are displayed by p class on the screen extremely clearly and accurately. During the project, students also solved problems of regulation of the size of the image, distinction between types of injuries of skin and natural elements, such as dirt, hair, wrinkles and scars.

This project was carried out by p class in cooperation with the expert in the field of skin diseases Ч doctor Nir Natanzon.

   The Head of faculty of computer sciences "Mikhlala le-Minal" Dr. Nisim Arel declared that difference and perfection were always peculiar to Israel and they remained the engine of technological progress. Thus, from fight for a survival Israel turned into economically developed country, the leader in science and technologies with the largest number a startup of the companies around the world. And if as Dr. Nisim Arel noted: "If we cease to strive for perfection Ц that we will lose our situation in the world and therefore I with pride address to all students and I thank because of persistent work and excellent results".

   The Students who have realized the project - Inbar Fredo, Yonatani's Width and Hagit Kenig.

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