Onboard the shuttle Atlantis which made space travel, besides passengers, there were also Israeli special biomedical devices which are intended for water purification. These devices are the first in own way and passed tests in an outer space, in the conditions of zero gravity. Only recently these devices returned to Israel.

   These devices function on special technology which is capable to delete from water viruses and bacteria very effectively. As reports Jerusalem Post, this technology was developed by group of researchers of the center of space medicine at Fischer's institute in close cooperation with the company Strauss.

   The purpose of creation of such devices Ц for all 100% to clear and process polluted water that, first of all, it will be used for the astronauts being in space. Thus, in the near future in space it will be possible not to throw out the water polluted by astronauts.

   This technology was developed about 6 months ago and is based on a substratum of polymer which is capable to destroy viruses and bacteria at direct contact. The technology already passed various tests on Earth and showed very much good results even in extreme conditions, including imitation of a state of weightlessness.

   It should be noted that the above-mentioned technology initially intended for the space purposes, but can be useful and on Earth Ц especially in those areas and the countries where the system of water supply can't provide necessary purity of water in order that it could be drunk from under the crane without risk for health.

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