So far insulinozavisimy diabetes or diabetes of the first type was considered as the incurable. But scientists from Jerusalem after completion of the difficult research, lasting many years, presented to the world a certain hope that the method of treatment of this disease will be found.

   This opening of scientists of Israel Ч is the real break, it is opportunity to find a method for increase or restoration of beta function of cages in the people having diabetes of the first type which usually develops at children's age.

   Research was conducted by joint efforts of scientists from Institute of medical researches of Israel and Canada, from the Jewish university of Jerusalem and from Hadas's University medical center with assistance of the companies of Farm and Rosh. Results of this research were published by the English-language magazine Cell Metabolism.

   At patients with diabetes of the first type, as we know, the immune system of an organism mistakenly attacks a cage beta which make insulin. The immune system reacts to them thus as if they are alien that leads to reduction of cages producing insulin and, finally, to full loss of this function.

   The cages of an organism deprived of insulin, not able to absorb glucose from blood and to process it for obtaining energy. Therefore, the people having diabetes, are doomed to supervise several times a day level of glucose in blood and to do insulin injections.

   The scientist consider that during the research, found "key" for the cell regeneration, producing insulin. Within the research, with use of genetic system, scientists managed to destroy about 80% of beta cages, at adult mice that caused development of diabetes of the first type.

   Also, at rodents raised level of enzyme which supervises amount of glucose in blood Ч glucokinase. Results showed that at high level of this enzyme in blood at the sick mice sick with diabetes of the first type, the bigger number of new beta cages, than at healthy mice was regenerated.

   Thus it was found out that level glucokinase influences regeneration of beta cages. Scientists believe that this opening will help to find a way for development of the new preparations, capable to carry out modulation of glucose and to lay a way to regeneration of beta cages.

   Today, speech while goes only about continuation of researches, but the work carried out by scientists says that in the future, the way to treatment will be found in Israel of diabetes of the first type.

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