These days, in Krasnoyarsk, in the federal center of cardiovascular surgery which opened a year ago, I passed a symposium of cardiologists. Here the best doctors not only Russia, but also leading experts of Germany and Israel gathered. The leading expert of Israel on surgical treatment of fibrillation of auricles Leonid Sternik performed indicative operation for Krasnoyarsk colleagues.

  To the patient at the age of 57 years and having the expressed defeat of the mitralny valve and fibrillation of auricles, in the conditions of artificial blood circulation performed big operation. In a hall the video image of an operational field was output, and Leonid Sternik explained in what modern approach when performing operations consists and answered questions of colleagues.

  As the correspondent of "RG" reports, few years ago in Krasnoyarsk couldn't even present to itself that one of leading cardiosurgeons of Israel will perform the most difficult open heart operation, and the events in real time will be able to watch not only surgeons in operational, but also 200 people who are in a hall.

  Leonid Sternik believes that such master classes have very great value, especially for young surgeons as not all have opportunity to pass training in the best foreign hospitals. Sternik, and also his colleagues from Germany very highly appreciated the Krasnoyarsk center, but local journalists and doctors with regret established that fact that in Russia of such clinics it isn't enough. In addition, doesn't suffice as well experts. For this reason, many Russians prefer to be treated in Israel, having turned thereby this state into "policlinic".

  As experts speak, fibrillation of auricles in itself isn't considered pathology which can threaten life. But she can lead to development of much more serious diseases which will complicate life of the patient and can lead to death. Annually in Russia hundreds thousands patients die of various violations of a rhythm of heart, and fibrillation of auricles makes the contribution to this sad statistics.

  Organizers of a symposium reported that vibrating arrhythmia or fibrillation of auricles is one of the most widespread violations of a rhythm of heart. At a constant form of arrhythmia or at long attacks in auricles formation of blood clots is possible. The separation of these blood clots and their subsequent movement with blood current in various bodies leads to such serious diseases as an intestines heart attack, strokes, gangrene of extremities, kidney insufficiency, etc. It is considered that 15% of strokes are a consequence in time not found arrhythmia.

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