Wrong diagnostics of the Ukrainian doctors led to that owing to heavy infectious process the kidney at the child at the age of three months was removed. The Israeli experts performed to already one-year-old kid the most difficult operation to give the chance to the child to live and develop normally.

  In Tel Aviv, in the medical center "Ikhilov" from the Southern Ukraine the most difficult operation, which purpose – to restore normal functioning of urinogenital system was performed the child.

   The matter is that expansion of band system of kidneys that is very serious sign of existence of an obstacle of depletion of urine at a fruit was diagnosed for the boy in a womb of mother and is characteristic for congenital anomalies of urinogenital system. In the Israeli medicine in such cases the following practice is accepted: in 2-4 weeks after detection of anomaly to execute repeated inspection and, in case of expansion progressing, to use additional methods of more exact diagnostics and to consider a question of pregnancy preservation.

   But this anomaly was revealed not in Israel and the Ukrainian physicians ignored the fact of progressing of expansion of band system of kidneys at a fruit, and recommended to mother to pass necessary inspection already with the newborn child.

   As a result, the kid had to pass through a number of painful procedures which worsened its condition. To physicians the train of mistakes in diagnostics and treatment that led to removal of a kidney at the three-months child was made.

  The kid remained with one kidney and uncorrected anomaly of development of a mochetochnik that threatened his life. The boy suffered from repeating infections of uric ways, each of which worsened function of the only kidney, causing in it irreversible changes. Parents of the child despaired to cure the child in Ukraine, the Russian doctors also were helped not in forces.

  Searches of experts in the field brought parents of the kid into Israel, to the manager of office of children's urology in the medical center "Ikhilov". This doctor is widely known in the countries of the former CIS thanks to a series of successfully performed operations.

  After carrying out the general inspection of the child, the first stage of the most difficult reconstructive operation which will allow this child to live in the future with one kidney not worse was carried out, than others live with two.

  In some months the kid will return for further treatment to Israel to pass the final stage of reconstructive operation. At the second stage the mochetochnik for normal functioning of the only kidney will be reconstructed.

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