Seven Israeli biomedical companies plan to revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine. Published in Globes article informs the reader of the most ambitious medical developments in Israel.

"Silenceseed": anticarcinogenic capsule

  The Silenceseed company opened a new way of a cancer therapy of the pancreas, one of the types of oncology most hard to cure. This method of dot gene therapy consists in the following: in a tumor place a capsule of one millimeter in size which collapses for three months, gradually releasing medicine. Influence is made only on the fabrics struck with malignant process.

   To 2015-2016 it is planned that all necessary certificates will be received, and the preparation will go on sale.

NLT Spine : minimum invasive backbone operations

   Researches of the NLT Spine company concern surgical treatment of degenerate changes of a backbone. Now similar operations are made through cuts which reach length of 20 cm. By means of the NLT Spine method the section will be no more than 2,5 cm. Through it the surgeon will enter a tube through which will pass implants of the compact sizes. In a body of the patient they will accept the necessary form.

  Assume that this method of expeditious treatment will reduce the cost of the operation, and also the hospitalization period. Today the part of the American and European certificates on implants is already received.

SAVICELL: cancer diagnostics

  Development the SAVICELL company is directed on fast and simple diagnostics of a cancer: that after the blood analysis during annual survey it was possible to find a cancer and its version.

   As a basis lean on the following fact: the immune system of an organism reveals an illness and answers with reaction to it. Therefore, it is necessary to study this reaction simply. Today scientists already diagnose cancer existence according to the blood analysis, but while without recognition of its look.

Immunovative: immunity "provocation"

   The Immunovative company is engaged in researches in the field of an immunotherapy. It developed a new method under the name "mirror" which makes active immune system. Its essence in the following: at the healthy donor take immune cages, grow up them in laboratory and replace to the patient, the cancer patient. Thanks to that two immune systems face, substances which give a signal of danger are developed. This signal allows an organism to struggle more effectively with a cancer, respectively prevents emergence of metastasises and reduces ability of malignant cages "is concealed" from immune system.

  Today the method is at a stage of clinical tests, however positive results are already noted at a breast cancer therapy in Israel.

Dynamix: researches of proteins

  It is well-known that many diseases are caused by violation in cages of functions of proteins. Proteins in a human body, having difficult three-dimensional structure, are in continuous movement. Therefore there are certain difficulties when developing a molecule of medicine.

  Scientific researches of the Dynamix company concern studying of dynamics of movement of proteins for the purpose of creation of drugs. Work which is related to treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is now conducted and the preparations limiting a food of malignant cages for delay of growth of a tumor are developed.

Lipocure: drugs against pain

   Many medicines have essential shortcomings, for example, toxicity at reception in big doses or the high speed of absorption and preparation removal. Drugs of the Lipocure company become covered by a fatty cover which provides preparation delivery to the right place.

   One of development "Lipocure" being at a stage of clinical tests, - means for local anesthesia. One prick of a preparation will have to kill pain for the period till 60 o'clock thanks to slow and gradual absorption. Besides, work on drugs for several types of oncological diseases is conducted. Further development of means for treatment of such diseases, as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's illness is planned.

Optimata: "the virtual patient"

   The Optimata company for carrying out tests of various protocols of treatment created the "virtual" patient.

   Now he already participates in clinical tests. In addition, thanks to it it is possible to reveal as far as reaction of the specific patient to medicine will coincide with average reaction, and to carry out the best choice. For this purpose models of the "virtual" patient set parameters: sex, age, genetic and clinical characteristics. After that compare reaction of model to different preparations and stop on the most optimum medicine for the specific patient.


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