The causes and treatment of hereditary diseases engaged in clinical genetics. One such child is a complex disease Turner syndrome caused by a violation of the division of sex chromosomes during embryonic development.

  The syndrome meets only at a female when instead of two H-chromosomes the germ receives only one. Owing to an incomplete set of chromosomes the child has a primary underdevelopment of genitals – a uterus and yaichnik, developmental anomalies are diagnosed for a third of patients and other bodies - cardiovascular system, uric ways, squint, omission of a century and daltonism can develop, in the teenage period there is no growth jump.

  It is possible to diagnose for the child Shereshevsky-Turner's syndrome already on appearance typical for this disease:
- small growth;
- a short neck with wing-shaped folds;
- a small bottom jaw;
- puffiness of hands and feet, camber of nails, etc.
During puberty don't develop secondary sexual signs, there are no periods. Completely it is impossible to cure such patients. Treatment of a syndrome of Shereshevsky-Turner is directed on elimination of the symptoms caused by anomaly.

   At disease treatment in Israel the genetic and ultrasonic research diagnosing an underdevelopment of a uterus and lack of yaichnik, the x-ray inspection revealing anomalies of development of a bone skeleton is conducted. In patients with this syndrome can find inflammatory diseases of a thick gut, diabetes, gastrointestinal bleedings, thyroiditis and a craw.

  Treatment of a syndrome of Shereshevsky-Turner in Israel assumes a hormone of growth by means of which probably to increase growth of the patient by 4-6 cm, but to prevent development of osteoporosis and risk of changes it is improbable. From 12-13 years carry out replaceable therapy by an estrogen. It allows to improve to a traffic of sexual ways, promotes development of female secondary sexual signs. Carrying out hormonal therapy can grow up a uterus to the normal sizes, but conceive the child such women can only by means of EKO and a donor ovum.

  Developmental anomalies of other systems and bodies, especially cardiovascular, caused by Shereshevsky-Turner's syndrome, often demand surgical treatment.

  About opportunities to avoid the birth of children with serious genetic deviations and methods of treatment of chromosomal pathologies in Israel it is possible to learn on a site:

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