Today one of the most common diseases of mankind was a heart attack. Prevent the power of timely coronary artery heart bypass (CABG) - operations, restoring blood flow to the myocardium by forming a workaround space narrowing of the vessel through the patient's vein or artery extra - shunt. Narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries can lead to heart attack, arrhythmia, angina, heart failure. 

  As shunts cardiosurgeons of Israel prefer to use beam and internal chest arteries.

   Indications to aortokoronarny shunting are:
- defeat of the left coronary artery;
- defeat of all coronary arteries.

  AKSh can be diagnostic, preventive and medical. Diagnostic shunting is used by br for check of coronary arteries for the purpose of detection of points of their obstruction and the amount of defeats. It passes under a local anesthesia and 15 minutes last. On a hand or a hip through piercing of vessels the catheter with a diameter of 2 mm to an aorta basis is entered. The shunt is filled with contrast substance, and special cameras allow to watch the events and to carry out records.

  Preventive shunting - elimination of obstruction of arteries - lasts of 30 - 60 minutes.

  Medical shunting of heart in Israel is carried out under the general anesthesia. The patient during operation is connected to artificial ventilation of lungs and to the device of artificial blood circulation. Through a vertical section in a thorax from a site of a mammarny or beam artery the shunt which is hemmed to an artery prepares. After that work of heart is restored and the operational wound is taken in.

   Aortokoronarnoye shunting can see off and on fragile heart. The section in the left podreberye is carried out in the low-invasive way. Such operation has the smaller duration of surgical intervention, and, so postoperative recovery of patients takes place quicker. Proceeding their scales of defeat, it is carried out or the isolated shunting (if one coronal artery is affected) or consecutive shunting if some coronal arteries are affected. Operation lasts 180-240 minutes, before arrival to consciousness the patient is in resuscitation unit, the hospital period lasts 6-8 days. The patient accepts anesthetizing preparations and antibiotics, passes dynamic monitoring of an electrocardiogram, laboratory and x-ray researches.

   According to the international standards, the Israeli cardiosurgeons are in vanguard of aortokoronarny shunting. To each patient individual rehabilitation programs here are developed. About opportunities of the Israeli heart surgery in treatment of cardiovascular pathology read on a site:

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