In case of natural disasters, accidents and other emergency situations, the important issue is the evacuation of victims. The device, developed by Israeli scientists, is a valuable tool for search and rescue and emergency medical services personnel, and for ordinary tourists. The inventors were guided by the fact that if you want to move a heavy load - camping equipment, patient rights, etc., it is much easier to carry on the back than on the hands. Adult, healthy person is able to take a lot of weight on his back, as if it should be "set" and secure.

  The IPC (InjuredPersonnelCarrier) adaptation is made of a high-strength military material, in folded form it without effort is located in a marching bag. IPC weighs only three quarters of pound, but can sustain weight in 5000 pounds and allows the rescuer to bear the person on the back whereas free hands of the rescuer help it to get out of a dangerous place.

  IPC can rescue health and human life when the ambulance can't reach a disaster place or when it is impossible to use a stretcher for transfer of injured people.

  This adaptation is intended not only for extreme situations, but it is useful and in a backpacking if your help is required to the friend who has hurt or twisted a foot and isn't able to move independently.

   To say that on its acquisition more than three thousand inquiries are already given about a demand of IPC. And about popularity and opportunities of treatment of victims in Israel read on a site:

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