New diabetes treatment program plans to introduce a national council on diabetes, headed by Prof. Itamar Raz. Israeli doctors recommend people with diabetes perform surgery for the repair of the stomach, even if they have no obese. The reason for this advice was the observation of Israeli doctors unexpected effect for operations on gastric bypass surgery in patients with diabetes - normalization or improvement in blood sugar levels, and, even in those patients for whom drug therapy was not effective. Bariatric surgery clinic director of the Rabin Medical Center Dr. Andrew Kedar said indications change carbohydrates in the blood of patients with 300 operations in nearly normal blood sugar after.

  The mechanism of medical action of shunting of a stomach at diabetes isn't clear yet. The Israeli physicians assume communication existence between restriction of quantity of accepted food and decrease in resilience of an organism to insulin. Despite possibility of postoperative complications, Ministry of Health of Israel recommends operation on an ushivaniye of a stomach and those who has the expressed obesity (with the index of weight of a body (IWB) more than 40), and to people with moderate degree of obesity (index 30-35).

  The excessive weight on which the World Health Organization carried Israel in the first ten the countries on obesity frequency at the population, negatively influences many systems of an organism, increases risk of development of orthopedic problems, heart troubles and vessels, reproductive frustration, fatty dystrophy of a liver. Physicians consider that operations on shunting of a stomach can help patients with a hypertension, a hypercholesterolemia, apnea with a dream (a respiratory pause during a dream lasting not less than 10 c), suffering diseases of joints and hearts.

  How treat diabetes in Germany, read on a site:

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