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   Be Terem organization, which is responsible for the safety of children in Israel, gathered statistics, according to which the infant mortality rate in Israel due to accidents has been steadily declining. In Israel accidents kill nearly 144 children, while in the late 90s this number was 216 children per year.

   In the list of 34 countries of OECD, according to child mortality owing to accidents, Israel takes the 15th place.

   Today, about 40% of all requests for medical aid for children in Israel, and also 30% of cases of child mortality occur because of accidents, instead of because of any diseases.

   In addition, statistical data direct at very disturbing reflections as 45% of children and teenagers suffered from accidents, being at home. And thus with many at this moment parents, seniors, full age relatives and so forth were at home.

   If to speak about mortality among teenagers, the received statistics fills serious with misgivings, after all nearly a half of accidents with a lethal outcome among teenagers is the result of accidents. Mortality among teenagers comes by 2,25 times more often than among children.

   It is Also noted that boys suffer much more often than girls, which isn't surprising, as boys are more inclined to entertainments and games which can cause traumas.

   In Israel on each hundred thousand children from unfortunate a case 6.7 boys and 2.8 girls suffer. Also it was noted that the Israeli Arab children suffer from accidents much more often than the Israeli Jewish children 3.3 times more often).

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