The high reputation of Israel in the field of health care is known far outside the country. As the proof that is served by thousands people which are annually coming to Israel on treatment from all corners of a planet.

  Today, more than ever, hospitals of Israel meet needs of foreign patients, satisfying the demand which has increased in the world for the services. Staff of the coordination center "Iz*Med" constantly is in all largest clinics of Israel to make stay of the patients in Israel the most comfortable and effective at all stages of treatment.

  Cooperate with us leading Israeli surgeons and the therapists being recognized authorities on the world of medicine, and nurses and physiotherapists differ special attention to patients that provides the highest level of recovery. All medical institutions cooperating with "Iz*Med", are equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment.

  Orientation of the country to medical researches and development led to considerable achievements in the field of production of the medical equipment, surgeries, diagnostics and treatment.

  To the country annually there arrive thousands foreign tourists for the purpose of receiving qualitative medical care, and their number grows every year. The ministries of tourism and health care attribute it to growing prestige of Israel in the international medical community.

   For anybody not a secret that the Jewish people were famous always for the doctors for doctors, healers. And even those who didn't love us, nevertheless preferred to use the Jewish physicians.

  Israel is today the country which concentrated in itself experience of the Jewish healers from all over the world (at us doctors natives of all countries where there live Jews), modern health system, and also serious technological base which in many respects is a fruit of work of the Israeli inventors or joint projects with their foreign colleagues work.

  Unusual climatic conditions and natural miracles of the country, such as: The Dead Sea, the multiple mineral sources located in all parts of the country, also don't stand idle for nothing, and work on healing of the person. The Jewish state didn't interrupt tradition of great doctors of an antiquity and the Middle Ages. The love of the Jewish people to life dictates it the high moral principles in medicine. Our doctors won't recommend unnecessary operation, won't sin against the truth for the sake of the good fee, and will tell the truth about the diagnosis. More than once it happened to meet people to whom the attending physician recommended urgent operation, and after inspection of Israel carried out in clinic it became clear that in operation there is no need, and the client left back with the prepared money.

  Since September, 2008 the visa-free regime of entrance is established between Russia and Israel, and since February 9, 2011 the visa-free regime is established between Israel and Ukraine and now it is possible to choose convenient time for arrival on diagnostics and treatment. Today, everyone to pass diagnostics and treatment in clinics of Israel, can make it in not a season and then ticket cost aboard the plane, the cost of accommodation and other accompanying services can decrease by tens percent. It should be noted also that the people, coming from the Russian-speaking countries, feel in Israel much more comfortably, than in any other country. Here for them there is no language barrier since every sixth in the country talks in Russian.

The treatment Prices in Israel: gastroenterological inspection $3 300.

Terms: 1 2 days.

  • Consultation of the expert: primary reception and final consultation with purpose of treatment
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Gastroskopiya with a biopsy
  • Kolonoskopiya
  • Ultrasonic research of a liver

The Price of treatment in Israel: hematologic inspection $630

Terms: 1 day.

  • Consultation at the hematologist
  • Laboratory researches: hematologic analysis of blood.
  • Additional hematologic researches:
  • Marrow Puncture
  • Methods of visualized diagnostics: computer tomography (CT), rentgenografiya, magnetic and resonant tomography (MRT), ultrasonic research.

The Price of treatment in Israel: inekologichesky inspection $3 100

Terms: 1-2 days.

  • Gynecologic survey
  • Survey at the mammologist
  • Vaginalnoye ultrasonic research
  • Laboratory researches, including on onkomarker
  • Preventive oncological inspection with carrying out microscopic research scraping.
  • Ultrasonic research of chest glands
  • Mammografiya
  • Final consultation at the doctor, purpose of the plan of treatment.

The Price of treatment in Israel: to ardiologichesky inspection $3 800

Terms 1-2 days.

  • Primary consultation at the cardiologist
  • Elektrokardiogramma with loading, at rest.
  • Echocardiography
  • Ultrasonic Doppler research of peripheral vessels
  • Measurement of arterial pressure
  • Virtual koronografichesky research
  • Final consultation at the cardiologist

The Price of treatment in Israel: N eurological inspection $5 100

Terms 2-3 days.

  • Consultation at the neurologist
  • Elektroentsefalogramma
  • head Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT)
  • Transkranialnaya Doppler sonografiya
  • Ultrasonic ekhografiya (a doplerosky sonografiya)
  • ultrasonography of an artery of a neck
  • Virtual angiografiya of vessels of a brain
  • Final consultation at the neurologist following the results of diagnostics.

Prices Treatments in Israel: oncological inspection $2300-9600

Terms: 2-3 days

  • Consultation at the oncologist
  • Laboratory researches, including on onkomarker
  • Optional types of inspections: biopsy, PET-KT, isotope scanning of a skeleton, computer tomography (CT), ultrasonic research (ultrasonography), magnetic and resonant tomography (MRT).
  • Final consultation of the oncologist.

Price about of rtopedichesky inspection $3 600

Terms 1-2 days.

  • Consultation with the orthopedic surgeon.
  • Special orthopedic program of inspection.
  • Laboratory researches: blood analyses.
  • Radiological inspection of coxofemoral joints, bottom department of a backbone.
  • MRT of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone.
  • Final consultation of the orthopedist.

Price at of rologichesky inspection $3 350

  • Consultation of the urologist: primary and final.
  • Urological survey (manual rectal inspection of a prostate gland, exception varicocele, palpation of small eggs, seed ropes).
  • the General developed analysis of blood, including on an onkomarker the pro-static specific anti-gene (PSSAG).
  • Clinical analysis of urine, uroflor.
  • Ultrasonic research (ultrasonography) of kidneys, urinary ways, small basin, scrotum.
  • Color Doppler research (Duplex).
  • Rectal ultrasonography of a prostate gland.

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